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Company Introduction

Weptek originated from Swiss brand and technology, and has been devoted to weighing and driving technology for a long time.
WiPOTEC < (WIPOTEC <) began to serve the Chinese market in 2012. At present, the company under the brand of WiPOTEC < (WIPOTEC <) has:
Weptek (Changzhou) TT&C Equipment Co., Ltd., http://www.wipotec-China.com, is responsible for weighing technology research and weighing solutions and large data processing;

Weptek (Changzhou) Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. http://www.ldfmes.com is responsible for the design and production of stepper motor, DC brushless motor and servo motor drivers.

Changzhou Jianhong Electronics Co., Ltd. http://www.jhpcba.com is a professional company dedicated to electronic product design and SMT patch processing, wave soldering and automatic PCBA spraying.

Weptek (Changzhou) Measurement and Control System Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company under the brand of Weptek. It is located in the high-tech industrial park of Xinbei District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It is a high-tech enterprise of weighing technology research and weighing solution and large data processing.

We provide weighing, analysis and data traceability solutions throughout the customer value chain.

We provide high-precision module, weighing and marking system, digital batching system, error-proof traceability system and factory-level Production Traceability System and other solutions.

We help customers simplify processes, improve productivity, ensure that products comply with laws and regulations, and optimize costs.
Our products take weighing technology as the core and combine with software system. The main software systems are weighing data acquisition and management software, weighing system integration, barcode traceability system, MVS production visualization management system, MTS production quality management traceability system, LMES lean manufacturing execution system and other small and medium-sized software systems, which provide an integrated production management solution for enterprise production departments. Help manufacturing enterprises to establish centralized production data management center, provide data access and publishing services for the unified and coordinated production operation of various departments of enterprises.

The company's core team has more than ten years of management and technical experience in foreign companies and well-known domestic enterprises. The company currently has 5 software copyrights, 1 invention, 7 utility models and 4 appearance patents.

"Honest business, customer service" is the enterprise's goal, we always use this to strictly request ourselves. We look forward to providing you with the most comprehensive on-site solutions and the most perfect products and services at the most critical time.



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